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Kampala Book Launch: MY NAME IS LIFE

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MY NAME IS LIFE BY KAREN BUGINGO: A non-fictional account of a battle against cancer of young Rwandan woman 

‘Imagine We’ is pleased to announce the release of their first Novel “My Name is Life”.

In the heart of Kigali lives Karen Bugingo, a normal teenager who is trying to fully live her youth age. When suddenly, fate crushes all her dreams, all her hopes for a future and she becomes like a thin paper floating in the air waiting for the wind to take her from the stormy clouds to where the sun can shine brightly on her, her name is the only thing she can hold on to. Bugingo means life.

In this fictional account of her journey battling cancer, Karen embraces vulnerability and strength. It’s a beautifully written novel that shares the life of a teenager whose life is changed by something completely beyond her control.

In conjunction with the book release, Imagine We invites you to the big launch of the book on March 28th, 2018 at Karveli Kampala to celebrate Karen and this amazing achievement.

Imagine We Rwanda

Imagine We is Rwanda’s leading commercial publishing house producing children and young adult books about life in the several cultures and context in the continent with the vision and focus of restoring the African dignity, improving education and literacy rates, and reader’s self-esteem. Imagine We trains, edits, illustrates and distribute books in Africa and abroad. Imagine We’s vision is to challenge the current representation of Africa in all media through modern and culturally relevant story lines.

About The Author

Karen Bugingo is a young adult living in Kigali. She is a strong advocate for cancer in Rwanda and hopes that her first book will challenge and educate Africans about cancer. She is also a student, a blogger and an entrepreneur. Karen battled cancer at the age of nineteen and has been sharing her story of strength all over Rwanda to encourage young people to live fully. She lives in Kigali with her brother, grandmother and aunt.


For more information about this topic, please contact Malika Helene Sikubwabo, PR officer at Imagine We on +250784507099 or email on

For more information about the Kampala Book Launch please contact Florence K. Kakatshozi, PR personnel based in Kampala, Uganda on +256790462968 (calls & Whatsapp) or email on