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A pilot randomized trial of a polypill to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer among people living with HIV

Mills Edward

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Patients with HIV infection are at a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease and cancers. In settings with low human and health resources, simplified methods of delivery of care are needed to provide primary care. We propose to undertake a pilot randomized trial of a polypill, containing blood pressure drugs, a statin, and aspirin, among an aging (>50 years) HIV+ population in Rwanda. Our pilot study will examine the our ability to enroll patients; the success of our data collection proceses; determine an appropriate period of follow-up; ascertain the optimal drug ingredients; and obtain initial data to inform a sample size calculation for a future trial. Our study aims to recruit 400 participants and follow them for a 1- year period. We will measure surrogate outcomes including lipid status, blood pressure, thrombotic factor as well as major clinical events.

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