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Carbohydrate Microarray Facility for Biomedical Exploitation (1)

Ten Feizi

0 Collaborator(s)

Funding source

Wellcome Trust (WT)
The Carbohydrate Microarray Facility is a world-leading resource for glycan microarrays based on our pioneering neoglycolipid technology. Data accrued from our collaborative research with researchers in diverse disciplines are revolutionizing understanding of involvement of specific glycans in human health and in infections, inflammatory reactions, immune responses and cancer. The Facility has been established during the present Wellcome Trust support for major equipment and specialist personnel. We are seeking 3 years support to: i) Continue the microarray screening analyses and follow-on collaborations to fulfill the flow requests (national and international) received via our newly established web portal; ii) Move the Facility to the next frontier of glycome microarrays in order to discover hitherto unknown glycan ligands. We will broaden the applications of the platform by extending the range of glycan probes to human epithelial O-Glycome, brain Gangliome, Glycosamin oGlycome, and bacterial/fungal glycomes; iii) Develop a professional tool from our current software for analysis and management of glycoarray data with a view to it becoming a standard for glycoarray data-integration and curation in international data repositories, in collaboration internationally with a world-leading team and locally with the Bioinformatics Support Service at Imperial College.

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