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In vivo BioID identifies novel c-MYC interacting partners

Dharmendra Dingar

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Myc is a cancer causing protein and it is deregulated in number of cancers including leukemia, colon, breast, and lung cancer. Myc alone is able to cause leukemia in mouse model. Myc regulates both cell division and cell death. Moreover, Myc itself is also regulated by different means in the cell, yet the exact mechanism is not known. Importantly, from a therapeutic point of view, because of the prominent role Myc plays in the cancer, there is great interest in inhibition of Myc activity and/or Myc interacting proteins. Therefore, in order to therapeutically target Myc first we need to understand how Myc functions in normal and cancer cell. To this end,we have identified different proteins which interacts with Myc. We think that after thorough study, we will be able to disrupt Myc interaction with these protein.This will reveal new strategies for the development of novel therapeutics to target Myc in cancer.

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