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International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC): Partnering to transform global cancer care

Nina Wendling

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International Cancer Expert Corps, Inc.

ICEC’s global partnership brings dedicated professionals (ICEC Experts) in ICEC Hubs in resource-rich settings, representing a broad spectrum of expertise from academia, private practice, government and industry, including retirees, together with professionals (ICEC Associates) in resource-poor countries to improve cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care in those countries. With well-defined governance, established policies and procedures, transparency in operations and the ability to leverage expertise, ICEC can readily partner with and enhance ongoing activities of governments, professional societies, cancer centers and other non-governmental organizations.


By means of mentoring by Experts in multiple disciplines utilizing public health approaches, applications of innovative economic and business models and exploitation of new information-sharing technologies, such as TELESYNERGYTM developed by the National Institutes of Health, ICEC will encourage local, regional and national initiatives to develop sustainable capacity and capability in the efforts of these countries to battle cancer. The sustainable approach provides the opportunities for an attractive market for new technologies designed to work in the challenging infrastructure often encountered in remote settings.


ICEC provides limited financial support for ICEC Associates as well as limited funding for salaries, work expenses and travel by ICEC Experts and encourages matching funds from institutions in both areas. It is expected that buildings and major equipment will be provided by local/regional communities. A pattern of significant pro bono effort from academia and private practice has already been established.

In addition to significantly improving the overall care of cancer patients in low- and middle-income countries and geographically underserved regions in upper-income countries, ICEC is establishing a model for a sustainable career path in academia and private practice so that altruistic service can become a pillar of health care careers for the exceptional young healthcare professionals such as those who now work with ICEC. By tapping into the often-lost expertise of retirees, ICEC can extend productivity and allow for life-long contributions to one’s profession and society.   The ICEC model can be extended to address the global shortcoming in the management of other diseases that afflict underserved populations.


To learn more about becoming an ICEC Expert and serve as a mentor to an ICEC Associate, visit To learn more about our becoming an ICEC Hub working with an ICEC Center, visit

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