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Project for prevention and intervention on childhood, youth, disability and sanitation. Development and implementation of activities.

Global Noncommunicable Diseases Intiatives

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PROJECT OF PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION IN THE AREAS OF INFANCY, YOUTH, DISABILITY AND HEALTH. DEVELOPMENT AND EXECUTION OF ACTIONS. As general objectives, to serve sectors of the population that due to their characteristics have difficult access to the acquisition of material and training means. Supply the material means to build infrastructures whose subsequent use has an impact on a change of habits, which allows gradually introducing social and educational changes that generate a way of life different from the current one, especially in the groups of young people and the disabled because they start from zero. Enhance the quality of education and improve health, improving infrastructure and materials in these areas, where already worked minimal successes. In the case of health, we want to implement a Breast Cancer Prevention, Detection and Control Program.. This project was identified by RTI International for their own research purposes and some fields do not align with The GO Map categories. End dates were estimated as one year after the start date. The Project Type "Research, Clinical" may not accurately describe this project's focus but was used for all RTI International's Global Noncommunicable Diseases Initiative projects added in June 2018. Specialties were not analyzed. All project funding was valued in 2015 USD.

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