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Resource-appropriate cervical cancer screening trial in the Yap StateĀ 

Jerris R Hedges

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National Cancer Institute (NIH)
The goal of the proposed U54 RCTR grant is to assure that the RMATRIX-II infrastructure supports the further development of the Community of (clinical and translational health disparities) Investigators in Hawaii. Specifically, the aimsare to: (1) Foster clinical and translational health disparities research; (2) Build institutional and community research synergy; and (3) Advance the career development and mentoring of health disparities investigators. Overall, RMATRIX-II will provide an integrated research infrastructure that is connected with various University units, RTRN sites, and the grass-roots community in Hawaii. RMATRIX-II will address these aims as follows: Specific Aim 1: RMATRIX-II will provide tools (e.g., pilot projects and integrated research Cores) to foster clinical and translational health disparities research by investigators with skills in basic, clinical and polic research. Specific Aim 2: RMATRIX-II will foster collaborations and partnerships among disciplines, departments and/or schools/colleges of UHM, between institutions and with the community. Specific Aim 3: RMATRIX-II will foster career development and mentorship using synergistic research cores and a Navigator program to develop junior investigators, especially those with an interest in community based participatory research. PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE: RMATRIX-II will provide the tools needed to build translational research synergy, foster intra- and inter-institutional collaborations and partnerships, and build a Community of Investigators addressing health disparities in Hawaii. Such research infrastructure is invaluable not only for addressing significant existing health disparities, but also for achieving opportunity for the development of skilled investigators from Hawaii.

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