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Support to the social and health centre of Biryyogo. Phase II

Global Noncommunicable Diseases Intiatives

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SUPPORT FOR THE BIRYOGO SOCIAL MEDICAL CENTER Phase II: With the support of the DiputaciĆ³n de Badajoz and with the title of the project, SUPPORT FOR THE BIRYOGO MEDICAL SOCIAL CENTER, a part of the roofs of uralite of the Center has been changed, given its potentially carcinogenic nature, (in its composition is asbestos), by metal roofs, following the indications of the government of Rwanda in order to improve the quality of life of the people who frequent the Center. This process of changing roofs is laborious and at the same time involves a certain risk, which is why it is carried out without the presence of personnel, sick people or health personnel. Our work is done in the urban environment. The Biryogo Social Medical Center is one of the 10 Health Centers of the Nyarugenge District of Kigali and its Health Area is constituted by a population of 36,864 inhabitants. RESULTS: Result 1, part of the structures of the center will have been adapted to the current health standards. Result 2, the quality of work of the people who provide services will have been improved. Result 3, the quality of the spaces will have been provided to the patients and free of risk of carcinogenic contamination. Sector Development Aid Committee (CAD): Start date: January 1, 2015 End date: October 31, 2015. . This project was identified by RTI International for their own research purposes and some fields do not align with The GO Map categories. End dates were estimated as one year after the start date. The Project Type "Research, Clinical" may not accurately describe this project's focus but was used for all RTI International's Global Noncommunicable Diseases Initiative projects added in June 2018. Specialties were not analyzed. All project funding was valued in 2015 USD.

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