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Taking care of my body I strengthen my self-esteem. Awareness and early detection of cervical-uterine cancer (Mexico)

Global Noncommunicable Diseases Intiatives

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CARING FOR MY BODY I STRENGTHEN MY SELF-ESTEEM; SENSITIZATION AND OPPORTUNE DETECTION OF CERVICAL-UTERINE CANCER (MEXICO): The project is located in the Chiapas region, which is the area with the lowest development rate in the country. It is aimed at improving the health of indigenous women in the area. It consists of promoting the integral development of women in the region through medical, psychological and legal health care as well as promotion in coordination with other groups to disseminate and contribute to the enforceability of the right to health, awareness and demand against sexist violence and the promotion and strengthening of the work of small cooperative economic projects by women's groups. A comprehensive health concept is addressed both from the prevention and the detection of diseases of high incidence in indigenous women, emphasizing awareness as a form of prevention. The project focuses on women's rights and equity in gender, community participation of indigenous and peasant groups, social action against violence and solidarity economy and emotional well-being.. This project was identified by RTI International for their own research purposes and some fields do not align with The GO Map categories. End dates were estimated as one year after the start date. The Project Type "Research, Clinical" may not accurately describe this project's focus but was used for all RTI International's Global Noncommunicable Diseases Initiative projects added in June 2018. Specialties were not analyzed. All project funding was valued in 2015 USD.

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